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İnsaf, İrfan ve İrşad


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Kayıt tarihi : 12/03/13

İnsaf, İrfan ve İrşad  Empty İnsaf, İrfan ve İrşad

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İnsaf, İrfan ve İrşad

Asil duruş, zayıfları korkutur.

Önce İnsaf
Firstly to have a keen sense on conscience with an accompanying humility,
sonra ilim, sonra Islam;
then comes the acquisition of Islamic knowledge; only then one knows Islam;
sonra nefs terbiyesi; sonra irfan;
following that, is the purification of the inner self; then comes the enlightenment and refinement;
sonra aşk-u şevk,sonra sa'y ü gayret,
then your runneth over with divine love and compassion; then follows the never ending commitment
a'mâl-u sâliha, hayrât-u hasenât
to do righteous and virtuous deeds, then follows the undertaking of charitable works,
tebliğ, irşâd, cihâd; sonra zafer;
sharing the message with others, inviting others to the right path, and Jihad; which is followed by victory,
sonra saâdet-i dareyn, cennet ve cemâl!...
then, the endless bliss in both worlds. the Garden and Beatific Vision as rewards in the Hereafter.
"Yol varsa budur bilmiyorum başka çıkar yol"
"I surely know not any other path which leads to Truth and success than this"
Prof. Dr. Mahmud Es 'ad COSAN

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